2 Peter 3 & Hope

2 Peter is a letter of encouragement. In the 1st chapter of 2 Peter, readers are encouraged to know that they share in Christ’s divine nature (1:3, 4). We are not divine, but because of the work of Jesus our identity is now placed in Him. In 2 Peter 2, the author give warnings against false teachings that deny the Lordship of Jesus. In the midst of these warnings, we are giving the encouragement that even in the midst of brokenness, God preserves the faithful. Chapter 3 of 2 Peter builds off of these truths and encourages readers to guard the hope they have in Jesus.

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Things can be discouraging at time. Folks say “Where is God?” or “If God is there, why doesn’t He do something?” The author of 2 Peter addresses this by saying that God may seem slow to us, but in reality is being patient, because He desires people to come to Him and is allowing time (v. 8-10). But the day will come when accounts will be settled, and as we wait for that day it is our task to guard our hope in Jesus, seek Him, and live in peace (vs. 11-13).

As people who desire rightness, we have hope because we know the One who will make things right. My prayer is that God would reveal His presence to you, that you would guard hope, live at peace, and seek Him.

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