Think about all the things you do with your hands. You can do awful things with them, as well as great things. You can write a bunch of crap on social media; you could throw an egg. You can carry unnecessary burdens; you could hurt. You can use your hands to knock someone down and promote yourself. You could do a lot of bad, if you wanted. You can also use your hands to serve. With your hands you could write an encouraging note; you could make a meal and deliver it to someone who’s tired. You can hug with your hands, and take out someone’s trash. You could even let things go, unnecessary baggage you’ve been carrying. You can do a lot of good with your hands.


As people, we have choices to make everyday of what we will do. As followers of Jesus, we have opportunities everyday, opportunities to show the love of Christ to a hurting world. So the question to ponder is, what will you/we do with what we’ve been given? What will you/we do with the time we have, the resources given to us? What will you do with your hands this week?


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