Table Prayer Letter – Sept. 2017

Looking Back. In June of 2010, The Table held its first worship gathering. Now 7 years later we are celebrating all that God has done among us. In that time God has shown His Hospitality, bringing folks into His family who were isolated and lost. God has built us up in His Discipleship as we have grown in our knowledge and worship of Him. And in that time, God has shown His Blessing, revealing His love to neighbors in tangible ways while sending others out to pursue their callings in Him. We have much to celebrate.

Looking Ahead. We are excited to see how God will continue to move among us. From its start, The Table has held a missional orientation, and along the way we have discovered that we are strong in making disciples. With these things in mind, The Table has discerned that the best way to reach our neighbors in the coming season, while building up church members, will be to move our Sunday worship gatherings to Wednesday. On October 4th we will begin our new weekly Wednesday gathering (from 6p-7p, with an optional shared meal at 5:15p – location TBA soon). Adults will enjoy various session topics on the major tenets of Discipleship (Jesus/Bible study, fellowship/relationship with others, worship/sacrament, prayer, and serving the world in His name), while kids will grow in the knowledge and wonder of God through the Young Children and Worship curriculum. We believe that meeting mid-week, coupled with engaging session topics, will allow neighbors to interact easily with Christian concepts, while empowering believers in their pursuit of Christ. We invite you to pray with us as we make this exciting change. May God be glorified, and may His Kingdom expand among us all! Thanks for your support of all that He is doing in Bellingham!


Please join us in prayer:

  1. For God’s favor as we plan, organize, and begin our new Wednesday gathering
  2. For God’s wisdom and creativity as we bring good news to our neighborhoods
  3. For growth. Growth in our depth in Christ, and growth in the width/reach of the church
  4. That the kingdom of God would grow in Bellingham


Thank you for partnering with The Table in expanding God’s Kingdom in Bellingham

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