February Prayer Letter

Watering Unexpected Seeds. This season has been a pleasantly surprising one. For instance, since moving to Wednesday nights, our kids’ population has more than doubled. Many of these kids have never been to church, and we are seeing God move in their lives. For example, a young boy from a “not yet believing” home prayed before our snack time saying, “God, I super love you. And, thanks for this feast.” What a joy to see God moving in this boy’s heart! Another unexpected surprise comes from one of our outreaches, called “Pub Theology.” Most of the men who attend Pub Theology are not yet Christians, but after building trusted relationships they excitedly come to a local pub for a facilitated discussion focused on Jesus. At our last Pub Theology, 8 men gathered to discuss the “Spiritual Discipline of Noticing” employed by Christ. These men included a few skeptical atheists, a free loving pantheist, a Unitarian, and a couple evangelicals. All were sharing and listening to one another, heard the Good News of Jesus, and were asking when the next gathering was. What an unexpected joy to share and dialog with such an open and diverse crowd!

Jesus in Film. During this season of Lent, The Table’s Wednesday series will be “Jesus in Film,” where we will examine different scenes of Jesus’ passion week, look at how those scenes are depicted in different films about Jesus, and then discuss what the text teaches us about Christ and how these films are true (or not) to the scripture. It’s a study designed to help us consider the work of Christ, and how we can best discern culture’s opinion of Him.

It is an exciting season at The Table.


Please join us in prayer:

  1. For a regular children’s helper, who we will hire to aid the teachers of Godly Play
  2. For our next session, “Jesus in Film,” a study of how we can confront our culture’s consumerism as we celebrate Jesus’ incarnation/birth. This is a 6-week study from February 14-March 28 at Hillcrest Chapel (come join us!)
  3. For God to draw folks/families who have expressed interest in our Wednesday sessions to come, and for us to display God’s hospitality
  4. That the kingdom of God would grow in Bellingham

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