Legos and John 1:35-51

42f163087b14f532a63e6c8c4ac01980_400x400If any of you have spent any time w/ my 4 year old son, Amos, you know he loves Legos. He is a Lego maniac. Amos and I love playing Legos together. But what Amos loves doing most is: making Lego guys. He takes apart various Lego people, removing their plastic heads, legs and arms. And then he puts them back together in creative ways. Suddenly the Lego Luke Skywalker, has a Ninja Turtle body, and is wearing a Batman mask. Then suddenly the cool race car Lego guy, has a castle knight helmet, w/ skeleton legs, and is holding a hot dog. The kid is a Lego maniac; Amos loves making Lego guys. And, when those Lego guys encounter Amos, they are changed. After those Lego guys spend time w/ Amos they are never the same again. He has given them weapons they did not know they needed. He has given them faster legs then they would have dreamed possible. He has improved their lives by broadening their opportunities. After spending time w/ Amos those Lego guys are never the same again

When we come together as a church, we pray prayers and sing songs asking God to change our hearts and minds to reflect Him. We hope that when we approach Jesus we will be changed, that we will become kinder, that our relationships will improve, that we will find peace. And yet statistics show us that generally speaking, those who attend church look the same as those who do not. Rates of abuse and divorce in the church generally match those of the greater society. Overcharged consumer spending habits among Christians match those of their non-Christian neighbors. We say we are changed by the time we spend w/ Jesus, but are we? Many statistics would say we are not.

If we read John 1:35-51, we notice 2 scenes where Jesus is interacting w/ His soon to be disciples. Read this passage and ask yourself how are the 2 scenes similar and different. You will notice that in both scenes, folks are encountering Jesus. They spend time w/ Him. And after being w/ Jesus they proclaimed Him and brought others. In both, we see Jesus invite folks to witness the work of heaven. In both, we see that Jesus is the messiah, the fulfiller, and the Son of God. And in both, Jesus changes those who He is w/. And for me, that is ultimately the good news of the passage, that as Jesus spends time w/ folks, they are changed.

So what shall we do w/ this problem? In my opinion, we start w/ humility. Like John the Baptist, who humbly stayed focused on Jesus, not getting distracted by popular opinions and theories. He simply stayed focused on Jesus, and strived to point people to Him. He freely allowed his disciples to go follow Jesus., b/c he was so focused on the Messiah.

My prayer is that we would be found like John the Baptist, focused on our messiah, that we would be so focused on Jesus, that we hear His voice clearly in a world full of static. Jesus changes those who He is w/, and may He change us into His likeness.

Family Meeting, 4:30p, and Worship, 5:30pm – This Sunday, September 27th


Two things are happening this Sunday at The Table:

1) If you consider The Table to be your church, join us at the library at 4:30pm for our fall Family Meeting. We’ll affirm new leaders for the year, talk about finances, and cast vision for the year.

2) Everyone is welcome to join us this weekend for a Table worship gathering  beginning at 5:30pm with a shared meal, so bring something to share if you are able. This week we continue our study of the Gospel of John We would love for you to join us. Invite a friend, everyone is welcome!

Game Night!





Thanks to all who came out for game night at The Firehouse. It was a fun mix of neighbors, friends, and folks from church. Let’s do it again!

Table Worship, Sunday, 5:30pm September 20th at the Fairhaven Library

religionThe Table is gathering this Sunday, September 20th, for a worship gathering at the Fairhaven Library (1117 12th Ave.), starting at 5:30pm. We will begin with a shared meal, so bring something to share if you are able. Invite a friend and join us; everyone is welcome!

Geeky Game Night, Friday, Sept. 18, 7pm Firehouse PAC

senanigansGeeky Game Night

This Friday, Sept. 18, 7p-9p

@ The Firehouse Café (1314 Harris Ave.)

Strategy Games, board games, family games, good times. 

Invite a friend, and join us!


Day of Plenty Produce Exchange, 10am / Table Worship, 5:30pm – September 13th

IMG_20140907_103551This Sunday, September 13, is a Table double header. First, we are hosting the annual “Day of Plenty” neighborhood produce exchange. Join us from 10am – 1pm at the Firehouse PAC (1314 Harris Ave.). Bring some excess from your garden to share, and walk home with something someone else brought (picture a free farmers market, where all the produce comes form neighbors). If you are unable to contribute, still come and bring fresh produce home. There will be enough (it’s the Day of Plenty after all).

Second, join us at 5:30pm at the Fairhaven Library (1117 12thSt.) for a worship gathering. We will start with a shared meal, and then begin our fall study of the Gospel of John.

Invite a friend and join us for both of these great gatherings!

Day of Plenty, this Sunday 10a-1p at the Firehouse


Table Worship, Sunday, 5:30pm September 6th at the Fairhaven Library 

UnknownJoin us this weekend for a Table worship gathering this Sunday, September 6th at the Fairhaven Library basement (1117 12th St.). We will begin at 5:30pm with a shared meal, so bring something to share if you are able. This week we conclude our study of Genesis, by looking at Genesis 11, asking “Who is God?” and “Who are we in relationship to God and other?” We would love for you to join us. Invite a friend, everyone is welcome!

Live Well! Genesis 9

geese_formation_470x353Read Genesis 9:1-17

The good news i see form this passage is that God INITIATES grace and maintains it. Thats good news. But the problem we face today is that often this is not how we see God. Christians might profess it, but do we/they live into the reality that God is the giver of all good things and is actively extending His hand toward us/them? There are days when we believe that God is holding out on us, that He is being stingy. We are inclined to selfishness, and need contracts to ensure our rights.

We are not unlike the man who, after his plane was cancelled, barged his way to the front of the line to confront the sole gate agent who was trying her best to get people where there needed to go. The man yelled at the agent saying he was flying first class and demanded to go on the flight. The agent politely explained the situation and asked that the man take his place in the back of the line. The man blew up at her, and said, “Do you know who I am?” To this the agent calmly picked up the microphone for the PA system, and announced to the entire airport, “This is Delta desk 64; we have a gentleman here who does not know who he is. If anyone can come and identify him please do so.”[1]

We are not unlike the man in this story. We are inclined toward selfishness. We need contracts to ensure that our rights are ensured. And we take this attitude and place it on our perception of God. He becomes stingy in our minds. But the good news is that God is not contractual, He is covenantal. He is the giver of all good things, and loves us. God initiates grace and maintains grace. And that is good news for us today.

The covenant God made w/ Noah includes us. It is an eternal covenant and covers us. Noah’s covenant of common grace sets up God’s future covenant w/ His people, the repeated promise that God gives, saying, “I will be your God and you my people.” The covenant of grace initiated by God to His people blesses us w/ forgiveness for our selfishness. It sets us up for adoption as His kids. It blesses us w/ the Holy Spirit, and guarantees our final glorification. God’s common grace paves the road to His special grace. The grace made possible by the death and resurrection of Jesus is an everlasting covenant. And like Noah’s covenant, this new covenant is not dependant on human actions, but on God’s free and gracious commitment to us. The good news is that God initiates grace and maintains grace. The covenant God made w/ Noah includes us today.

So what shall we do now/with the good news? We are simply called to accept the covenant and live into it. The covenant requirement for humanity is to accept the promises of God by faith and enter life in the covenant, to live into the call to live life to the full, to set aside our selfishness and orient our lives around the purposes of God, loving and worshipping Him, while loving and honoring those around us. So live well! You are called to do it. And may we be found faithful, setting aside our selfishness, and living into the abundant life of Jesus, loving God and those around us in His name.


Table Worship, Sunday, 5:30pm August 30th at the Fairhaven Library

Noah_mosaicThis Sunday, August 30th, The Table is gathering for worship at the Fairhaven Library (1117 12th St.). Bring something delicious for a shared meal starting at 5:30pm. After our meal, our worship service will begin. This week we are continuing our study of Genesis, by looking at Genesis 9, asking: “Who is God? And who are we in relationship to Him/each other?” Invite a friend and join us. Everyone is welcome!