The Table Worship – Sunday, July 10, 2011 at 9:30am

This Sunday The Table will again meet at 9:30am for a worship gathering. We’ll be at the Fairhaven Library (1117 12th St.) if you can make it. We’ll start with breakfast. If you want to bring something to share check out our “Doodle” link, or just bring a breakfast item. This week we’ll look at Mark 12:13-34, if you want to read ahead. Hope to see you there!

Next weekend is a Blessing weekend. We’ll be joining the crew at Mosaic on Sunday, doing various service projects together.

Our Rhythm of Blessing

In this season surrounding The Table’s one-year anniversary, we have been looking again at the unique calling God has placed on our church. The calling we have on our collective lives is also what we value and what we feel our mission is.  We wrap all these things together in what we call our rhythms (Hospitality, Discipleship, and Blessing). These three rhythms are based on Jesus’ model of disciple making, taken from Luke’s gospel. If you take a step back and look at Luke’s narrative, you’ll see Jesus “Calling” His disciples in Luke 5-6; you’ll see Him “Building” into them in Luke 7-8; and, you’ll see Jesus “Sending” them out to embody His kingdom in Luke 9. This is a linear way to look at our non-linear rhythms. Our desire to call people to faith begins with us simple being Hospitable. In Discipleship, we build into one another, while we look to Him. And, we send one another out to Bless and serve in tangible ways. It is this final rhythm that I’d like to think about now.

Our rhythm of Blessing is modeled after the One we follow, Christ. In the gospels Jesus is notorious for simply blessing people for the sake of blessing people. His agenda was to show off how the Kingdom of God was near (Mark 1:15). A leper comes and asks to be healed; Jesus heals (Mark 1:40-42). A paralyzed man is presented before Jesus; Jesus forgives his sins and heals him (Mark 2:1-11). Jesus encounters a tormented soul; Jesus frees the man from oppression (Mark 5:1-20). Jesus blesses people for the sake of blessing people, showing off that His kingdom is at hand. He didn’t ask for a promise to act nicer, make anyone sit through a sermon, or commit to some project; Jesus simply Blessed people.

This is why over the last year The Table has strived to simply Bless others for the sake of Blessing. Our desire is to display the goodness of the One we serve. The Lord doesn’t “lord” things over people’s heads, and neither do we. When we clean the home of a disabled person or plant a tree alongside neighbors, we do so because we want to be like Jesus. When we make a meal for a sick family or babysit kids so their mom can have a break, we do so because we want to show off that His kingdom is at hand. Looking ahead to the future, The Table will keep the rhythm of simply Blessing neighbors, because that’s what Jesus did, and we pray that He would be glorified as we do so.

No Table Gathering This Weekend


The Table is taking this weekend off.

There will be no gathering, so go enjoy the holiday with your neighbors.

We’ll see you next Sunday morning at 9:30am at the library.

Have a happy 4th!

Come Celebrate The Table’s 1st Anniversary!

“It’s fun to be one!” This Sunday morning, June 26th, we will celebrate God’s faithfulness in bringing The Table to its one-year anniversary. We would love for you to join us at 9:30am, at Glen Echo Garden (4390 Y Road/360.592.5380). Join us for a small breakfast (provided), a short worship time, and a time of sharing, followed by a potluck picnic (bring something to share). We would love to see you and some friends, so bring ‘em along! For contact/RSVP, shoot us an email at See you Sunday!


Directions to Glen Echo Garden:

-From I-5, take Exit 255 (E. Sunset Drive)

-Travel east 6 miles

-Right on Y Road

-Glen Echo Garden will be on the left

Our Rhythm of Discipleship

In these days leading up to The Table’s one-year anniversary, it is healthy to reflect on why we have been doing what we do. It is appropriate to think again about what defines us – and what defines us is our rhythms (Hospitality, Discipleship, and Blessing). So here are some thoughts on our second rhythm of Discipleship.

In many ways, all our rhythms are the same; and, in many ways they all stem from and return to Discipleship. We do what we do because we want to grow in our love of God, and our love of others (Matthew 22:34-40). Even when The Table is throwing a party or serving a neighbor, we do these things as acts of worship. The path of Discipleship is a journey toward allowing Christ to saturate every aspect of our lives (from doing dishes to creating art) and every relationship (from random coffee shop encounters to intimate friendships). It’s a journey lead by Him so we can become more like Him, and it’s a journey we are called to walk together in.

Discipleship is more than reading the Bible, worshipping, or praying together. Discipleship is a challenging process of centering our worldview to Christ – not prioritizing our nationality, politics, social or economic ambitions, but Christ and Christ alone. This is radical if you think about, but that’s defines us as His disciples, and that’s what we strive for at The Table. As we enter into our second year as a worshipping community, we pray that we would grow more and more in His likeness, and we focus on His love.

Blessing – Saturday, June 18, 2011

This weekend at The Table we are taking a break from “worship” and will worship in service to others. It’s our Blessing weekend! If you can make it, we’ll be meeting in front of Chuckanut Square (the tallest red building in Fairhaven – 1400 12th St.) this Saturday, June 18, at 10am. The plan is to help some of the senior/disabled residents who need an extra hand with cleaning before their inspections. Feel free to bring general cleaning supplies (cleaners, rags, etc.); gloves and bags will be provided. Let me know if you can make it (for planning purposes), or just show up. Feel free to invite a friend to help out. Afterward, we’ll plan on catching coffee/treats at The Firehouse Café (1314 Harris), a couple blocks away.


Next Sunday, June 26th, is The Table’s one year anniversary! We’ll be celebrating at 9:30am at Glen Echo Garden (4390 Y Road, in the county), with worship, food, sharing, and hanging. This will be a great gathering to invite friends and family to, as we want to share about all that God has done over the last year. So don’t hesitate to invite whoever you’d like; we’d love it!

Our Rhythm of Hospitality

In two weeks The Table will celebrate its first anniversary as a worshiping community. In light of this awesome mile marker, it seems appropriate to share a few stories from the road. This week is fitting to share a story representing our rhythm of Hospitality. It’s a generic story, because it has been repeated numerous times in different gatherings of The Table.

Imagine a person just moving to Bellingham. They are familiar with the city, and may know a person or two, but for all real purposes they are alone. Trying to find authenticity in their new relationships at school or work, they are left empty. Through a “chance” meeting, they find themselves at a gathering organized by The Table. They are stuck by how friendly everyone is, how welcomed they feel, and how their story and opinions are valued. In a word, they have experienced authenticity, and have found a group committed to mimicking the Hospitality of Jesus. Returning home, they let out a sigh of relief, knowing that God provides.

The rhythm of Hospitality is both a value and a mission of The Table. This story, although generic, is not fictional, but a reality of how God has blessed numerous individuals through The Table. As we look ahead to the next year, we pray that God will allow us at The Table to make even more room in our lives for folks, displaying the Hospitality of Jesus.

The Table Worship – Sunday, June 12, 2011 at 9:30am

This Sunday, June 12th at The Table we are having a morning worship gathering. We’ll meet bright and early at 9:30am at the Fairhaven Library (1117 12th St.), and start with a potluck breakfast. Feel free to sign up for something on our “Doodle” link, or just bring a breakfast item to share (or just show up). This week we’ll be looking at Mark 11:12-25, if you want to read ahead. Also be pondering this question: “If you were to describe what faith is to a small child, what would you say?

Next week, Sat., June 18th, is The Table’s Blessing weekend. The plan is to return to Chuckanut Square in Fairhaven, and help low income seniors clean their homes. Stay tuned for details.

The Table Summer 2011 Schedule

Summer is prime time for relationships. To capitalize on this reality and fun, The Table schedule over the summer will be irregular, full of fun relational things. To keep you in the loop, here is The Table tentative summer schedule. Please not that our worship times are at 9:30am during the summer. Hope to see you in the sun this summer!



-Sun., 6.12 – 9:30am Worship at The Fairhaven Library

-Sat., 6.18 – Table Blessing (TBA)

-Sun., 6.26 – 1st Anniversary of The Table!!!!! 9:30am Worship. Location TBA



-4th of July Weekend – OFF. Enjoy the holiday!

-Sun., 7.10 – 9:30am Worship at The Fairhaven Library

-Sun., 7.17 – Blessing w/ Mosaic

-Sun., 7.24 – 9:30am Worship at The Fairhaven Library

-Fri.-Sun, 7.29-31 – The Table Camping Weekend, Larrabee State Park



-Sun., 8.7 – 9:30am Worship at The Fairhaven Library

-Sun., 8.14 – “Listening” Worship w/ Mosaic in Park

-Sat., 8.2o – Table Blessing (TBA)

-Sun., 8.28 – 9:30am Worship at The Fairhaven Library

Hang Time – Saturday, June 4, 2011

This Saturday is The Table’s first party of the summer! We hope to “officially” do something fun (BBQ’s, campfires, camping, etc) at least once a month over the summer. This, of course does not take into account all the spontaneous stuff we’ll do together. This week we’ll kick it all off with some hang time in the park. We’ll also take this time to say farewell to Anthony, Justina, Isaiah, and Tessa, who are moving away sometime in the near future. Here are the details:

Day/Time: Saturday, June 4th, 4pm – 6:30pm
Place: Boulevard Park in Bellingham
Food: We’ll order pizza (so bring a few bucks to pitch in), and bring something to share. Lemonade will be there.
Plan: No plan. We’ll just hang out. Feel free to bring any yard games (bocce ball, Frisbee, etc.) or your bikes to cruise around on
Whom: You and the crew. Feel free to invite whoever you want. We’d love to fill the park with friends.

Next weekend (June 12) is a The Table worship gathering. NOTE THE NEW TIME: we’ll be meeting at 9:30am at the library. Details for that date will be coming.

Hope to see you at Boulevard Park!